Meet The Team


Quietway Hope

9 year old Golden Dun Gelding By Quietway Nugget Out of an Anglo-Arab Mare

Hope is the oldest son of Guy’s famous stallion “Nugget”, and has been travelling Australia-wide with Guy from the age of two. Hope is always the consummated performer being quite proficient at all facets of Guy’s performance.  From bridleless and saddleless to Liberty, Hope has proven his worth at three Equitana’s, seven Brisbane EKKA’s and countless other performances throughout Australia.  Hope has replaced his father as Guy’s number one performer and is the epitome of the Australian work horse; honest, reliable and true to the end.  From dressage moved without the bridle to the athletic prowess of the stock horse, Quietway Hope is a reliable and noble individual.

Quietway Spinabbey

7year old Liver Chestnut Australian Stockhorse Gelding.

Quietway Spinabbey is a standout in the performance team because of his colour but more importantly because of his ability. From the age of two he has shown the uncanny knack of complete balance, whether it be cantering on the spot, sideways or even backwards, This talented individual never ceases to wow his audiences with his skill and calm obedience. Spinabbey has the innate cow working ability of the Australian Stockhorse with the added balance and poise of a dancer and Guy often states “To ride Spinabbey is to feel like you can fly”. Performing at major shows all over OZ Spinabbey proves the Australian Stockhorse adage “The breed for every need” on everything he does.

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Quietway Sequel

9year old Golden Dun gelding By Quietway Nugget

In type and constitution he is a sequel of his father and has proven himself as a solid performer since the age of two. Sequel is an honest and stoic performer in the four horse team and what he lacks in flair makes up for obedience and plain old fashion good looks. Sequel has been ridden by other riders to perform pas de deux with Guy and Hope as well as starring in main arena shows as the Hero horse and has also been a major part of weddings and ceremonies where an honest and obedient steed is most appreciated.

Quietway Pride

4 Year Old Golden Dun Mare, A Full Sister to Sequel

The baby of the team she is already a solid liberty mare and shows great promise in all of her work.She is showing outstanding signs of a future star and being surrounded by three of Guy’s best, there is no doubt that their brilliance is rubbing off on this pretty young mare. From her silver tinted mane to the black zebra stripes on her legs, she is the stylish one of the group and adds a touch of femininity to the team. In comparison to the thousands of shows performed at by her comrades she is relatively new to it all with about 60-80 live performances under her belt but with each new show she exhibits more confidence and a stronger sense of Pride.

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